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All You Wanted to Know About Blue Diamonds

All You Wanted to Know About Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are unique, beautiful, and have long been associated with royalty. Blue diamonds are a rarity and highly sought after. They are a representation of faith and trust which are vital elements in any relationship. This write-up lets you know all about blue diamonds that you were unaware of so far.

About Blue Diamond Gemstones

Are you wondering if blue diamond gemstones are genuine diamonds?  Of course, blue diamonds are natural genuine diamonds – they are not treated or enhanced. They have the same inherent properties as any other precious stone. 

Having a shade of Blue hue, the color of blue diamonds discovered over time ranged from greyish blue to violet. At times it was even greenish blue! Blue diamonds are elements of carbon and are extremely hard and durable, just like any other diamond you have ever known. 

Blue Diamonds – Natural or Manmade?

Like most precious gemstones, blue diamonds are found in nature. The blue hue of such diamonds is mainly due to the presence of the boron element during their formation. Further, it is also researched how nitrogen plays a big role in determining the blue intensity of the gemstone. 

However, blue diamonds can also be manmade. They can be synthetically manufactured in a laboratory. To put it straight away, manmade blue diamonds are simply white diamonds that are treated with heat to change their color. 

On the other hand, natural blue diamonds are distinctly different in tone compared to manmade ones. Gemologists can easily differentiate between a manmade blue diamond and a natural blue diamond. And, you need to know that natural blue diamonds are substantially higher in value than manmade ones. 

Blue Diamonds – More Expensive Compared to Other Diamonds

Generally speaking, blue diamonds are costlier when compared to other diamonds. The factors that usually determine the value of a blue diamond gemstone include its cut, clarity, color depth, and weight. 

The main reason why blue diamonds are costlier than other diamonds is due to their rarity. And it is the rarity of blue diamonds that drive enthusiasts, investors, and jewelers to target them. 

Where are Blue Diamonds Found?

Natural blue diamond gemstones are mainly found in South Africa, Australia, and India. The highest volume of blue diamonds mined is by South Africa’s Cullinan Mine. In Australia, it is found in the Argyle Mine while in India it is the Golconda Mine. 

How to know if a Blue Diamond is Genuine?

You can easily detect whether the blue diamond you are about to purchase is genuine or fake using the Fog Test or the Water Test. 

Fog Test

Take the blue diamond in your hand and place it between two fingers. Next, breathe out on the blue diamond with a puff from your mouth. This will form a layer of fog on the layer of the blue diamond. Diamonds are good conductors of heat. They also disperse heat quickly. If the fog that you see on its layer disperses immediately, it means the blue diamond gemstone is real. 

Water Test

It should be well-known to you that blue diamonds are high in density. If you fill a drinking glass with water and drop a genuine blue diamond gemstone into it, it should sink.  However, if it floats, you can safely say it is a fake one. 

Closing Comments: Blue diamonds are popularly used in jewelry pieces. 

Blue diamonds are rare and expensive. They are much preferred for use in antique jewelry pieces, especially engagement rings. Besides being used in rings, blue diamonds are also used in earrings and necklaces. Blue gemstones are associated with a rich history. They stand for power, royalty, loyalty, and wisdom.  All this makes blue stones highly sought after in various jewelry pieces.



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All You Wanted to Know About Blue Diamonds

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