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Bring Good Luck Using Gemstones and Jewelry

Bring Good Luck Using Gemstones and Jewelry

Who does not want to attract good luck? Everyone yearns to be lucky and wishes to have all the good things in life. And, as per several types of research, there is a correlation between good luck and the right attitudes and choices in life!

Since ancient times mankind has tried several ways to drive away bad luck and bring in good luck. And did you know? Gemstones studded in jewelry have always been the focus. This write-up delves into gemstones and jewelry that can give you good looks, have the power to generate positive energy, and also attract good luck!

Gemstones and Jewelry – A Confidence Booster

Isn’t it demoralizing and frustrating when you try your hand at something and fail? Having a feeling of being lucky can indeed boost your mood and self-confidence. And that precisely is the reason why many people look for different ways to attract good vibes. 

Some people wear gemstones that are termed birthstones. Others use them as per their Zodiac signs. It has enabled many to change their fortunes. Let us find out some of the popularly used gemstones over the past many centuries.  


Amethyst is a prominent gemstone that brings good luck. Purple in color, it is associated with wealth, abundance, spirituality, and healing. It is ideal for people facing financial difficulties or health issues.  

Further, Amethyst enhances the spiritual aspect of an individual. In addition, it adds up to the person’s personality and beauty.


Aquamarine stone has existed since medieval times and is soothing blue. The stone possesses healing powers and magical properties that can cure you of many ailments. 

Aquamarine helps you to communicate and express your feelings in a much better way to your loved ones. The stone is ideal for those facing anxiety and stress. Wearing Aquamarine that is studded in jewelry can help to decrease levels of stress and create a calming effect.  


Diamond is a popular gemstone known for its hardness, clarity, and sparkle. Diamonds are durable and last for a lifetime. They are the hardest stones on earth and cannot be broken easily.  

Diamonds are known to attract love and fidelity. They are usually studded in rings, pendants, and bracelets. Wearing them also brings you strength and courage in life. 


Emerald is regarded as the gemstone of balance and renewed growth. People longing for peace in their life are known to opt for the emerald gemstone.  

Emerald comes in a deep green color. It enables you to attract openness, relaxation, and acceptance by wearing it close to your heart!  


Morganite is a rare gemstone worn by very few people. It comes in a light pink hue and has a beautiful appearance. The Morganite gemstone is known to bring joy, inner peace, strength, divine love, and compassion to the person wearing it.  

The Morganite gemstone is usually studded in jewelry like earrings, finger rings, and necklaces. It helps to bring positive energy and creates a warm hue to your personality.  


Pearls are believed to bring in wisdom, integrity, purity, and serenity. Pearls are often white and are usually round with a lustrous surface. 

Pearls come in various shapes – some examples are, freshwater, south sea, Tahitian, and many others. If you wish to attract good luck, wearing pearls is the best option for anyone. They are also seen as a token of love when worn.  


The Ruby gemstone is an extremely popular one. If you have tried all your luck working hard but still have not got the expected returns, wearing Ruby can help you! 

Ruby stands for wealth, passion, and inspiration. People generally wear a Ruby bracelet or necklace near their powerful chakras to bring a change in their fortune.  

The Closing Remarks!  

Attracting good luck has never been easy. Wearing gemstones studded in attractive jewelry can certainly enhance your personality. And, you may be just a step away from bringing positive energy and attracting good luck to your life wearing them. Always ensure to buy from a trusted brand, it will be the wisest investment decision you will be ever making.



Joseph Reoma

As the Managing Director of Elba Jewelry Design Center, my mission is to help you find your creative self in the design we make or the design you help us make for you.

Bring Good Luck Using Gemstones and Jewelry

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