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Diamond Vs Emerald – A Comparison 

Diamond Vs Emerald – A Comparison 

Each individual on this planet is unique, and no two individuals are similar. Similarly, each individual has their own taste when it comes to buying gemstones. When you talk of gemstones, just like individuals, each one of them is also unique and has its own characteristics.

Today, the most-talked about gemstones are emeralds and diamonds. When a variety of jewelry studded with these gemstones is laid in front of people, they get spoilt for choices!! 

Both gemstones – Diamond and Emerald, are precious and beyond perfection. It is quite a difficult choice to make when you have to choose between the two! This article compares the two gemstones and helps you to know the major differences between them. It will help you know what suits your requirements the best.   

Emerald and Diamond – The Two Gemstones that Easily Come to Everyone’s Mind! 

When it is someone’s engagement or their wedding, the only two gemstones that come to mind when buying jewelry are diamonds and emeralds.  

Diamonds are known to exhibit everlasting sparkle and brilliance. On the other hand, Emeralds are known for shades of their green vibrancy. Both the gemstones add a touch of romance to relationships. 

Generally speaking, a diamond is considered more valuable than an emerald. However, that’s not always the case. There are several colored gemstones including emeralds that are even more valuable than diamonds. 

The quality and rarity of diamonds and emeralds are extremely important factors. It is the parameter that determines the value of a diamond when compared to an emerald.  

Diamonds and Emeralds differ from each other in appearance, color, and hardness. Let us find out how they compare with each other. 


The appearance of Diamonds and Emeralds is the major point of distinction. There is a vast difference between the two as far as their color, clarity, and sparkle are concerned. Diamonds usually have a clear transparent look, whereas emeralds are vibrant green in color.   


Color is the major differentiator between emeralds and diamonds. Most diamonds come mainly in clear yellowish color shades. But there is also a range of dazzling color options in diamonds to choose from. Emeralds are mainly green or bluish-green. 


Diamonds and Emeralds are symbolic – they stand for something. Diamonds are a symbol of your everlasting love and loyalty. They also convey power. Emeralds are a symbol of your romantic nature. Emeralds are also a symbol of truthful relationships and deep intuitions. 


When choosing a gemstone to embed in your finger ring that is worn daily, its hardness and wear-ability aspect cannot be overlooked. Emerald cutting is difficult due to its imperfections when compared to diamond cutting. 

Diamonds are hard and unbreakable. Emeralds are soft and need to care for more. The relative hardness of emeralds protects them to a large extent from scratches. However, the brittleness and fissures make cutting and cleaning emeralds rather difficult.   

Styles and Settings

Emeralds and diamonds differ big in their styles and settings. You will come across a great variety of cuts in diamonds. The round-cut diamond is the most favored one of all! When it comes to settings in diamonds, you have plenty of options to pick from, for example, the solitaire setting or the pave setting, and more. 

Contrary to diamonds, there is no such variety of style or settings in emeralds. Despite a variety of cuts found in emeralds, people prefer mainly emerald cuts. The emerald cut is the most appealing of all. When it comes to settings in emeralds, the popular ones include the bezel or halo setting. 

The Closing Remarks

Emerald and diamond – both are costly and valuable gemstones. Your choice and preference of jewelry, clothes, accessories, and styles keep changing constantly. The trends in gemstone jewelry also keep evolving with time to stay in tune with the demands of people. 

Having seen the major differences between an emerald and a diamond, you are now in a clear state of mind to select the right jewelry piece for yourself. You must always go with the one that suits your unique personality.



Penny J.

For the past 15 years I have been blessed to combine my love for jewelry and writing. As a jewelry stylist for Sophia Fiori, I have been blessed to travel the world, sharing my love and passion for jewelry along the way

Diamond Vs Emerald – A Comparison 

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