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Familiarizing Yourself with Customized Jewelry 

Familiarizing Yourself with Customized Jewelry 

People all over the world have always been fond of wearing their best jewelry pieces to grace an important occasion – be it a wedding, an engagement, or a party. However, no matter how classy your outfit is, if you do not complement it with appropriate jewelry, you will not stand out! Readymade jewelry designs cannot always be the best ones for you. Either they may not suit you or could be too large or small to fit on your body. Therefore, you need to be familiar with customized jewelry.

What is Customized Jewelry? 

Customized jewelry, also referred to as personalized jewelry, is any type of jewelry crafted to create a sense of personality or uniqueness. Simply put, customized jewelry is one that you get created from a jeweler for yourself. It helps you to stand apart from the rest. 

Customized jewelry, when gifted, creates a memory of the giver. It is associated with being a thoughtful gift. Customized jewelry comes into existence as a one-of-a-kind beautiful piece. It is bound to receive appreciation for generations to come. 

Customized Jewelry Vs Readymade Jewelry 

The jewelry that you wear can say a lot about you. Beyond its financial value, it has a big emotional value as well. A lot goes into making jewelry – be it readymade or customized. 

Readymade jewelry, often referred to as mass-produced jewelry, is manufactured in large volumes. It is done so in an ongoing process by creating identical pieces. The designs of readymade jewelry are usually based on current trends and fashion. They have a popular appeal and are not made with any individual taste or style in mind. Readymade jewelry is produced in big quantities by laborers on an assembly line. They do not involve experienced or crafty skilled designers. 

Customized jewelry is made as per the individual’s taste, design preference, and specific vision. Being one-of-a-kind jewelry, the people wearing them know that it is uniquely their own. It helps them to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Each customized piece made gets the individual attention, experience, and craftsmanship of the designer. 

Things to Bear in Mind When Customizing Your Jewelry 

Generally speaking, there are a couple of ways to create a custom piece – Either you can get custom elements incorporated into an existing piece or create a piece right from scratch from an independent jeweler. Making alterations to a jewelry piece can be a fun way to make a piece your own. 

Customized jewelry is for those people who do not like to go with the usual kind of jewelry on display in various jewelry stores. They want something different, something of their own. When you opt for customized jewelry, there are certain things you need to keep in your mind to get the best output. 


Customized jewelry can work out slightly more expensive compared to readymade jewelry. So, it requires greater efforts to get them done economically. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to consider making a budget. For your budgeting, you need to take into account various aspects like the metal, gemstone, design, and manufacturer charges. Once you make your budget, abide by it. 

Working on the Time Frame 

Customized jewelry takes some time to make. And it depends on the jeweler from whom you order. Most reputed jewelers have a lot of orders on hand, and it may take longer for them to deliver within your time frame. Some designs are complex and delicate which could also take some time to complete. Keeping all of that in mind, it is always advisable to plan ahead and order your customized jewelry with enough big events. 

Researching and Having a Know-How of Jewelry 

When getting customized jewelry done, you need to research extensively the jewelry design trends. At the same time, it is also essential for you to know the designers who will create them for you. 

Good know-how of jewelry in advance can be a great way to get your customized jewelry. Knowing different jewelry pieces and their designs can help suggest the design you want when ordering. You can confidently figure out your requirements like metal, band, gemstone setting, and so on. It becomes easier for you to communicate exactly what you want to your jeweler. 

Selecting the Appropriate Metal and Gemstone 

When ordering your customized jewelry, you have plenty of gemstone options to choose from – diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and more. However, you need to figure out the genuine ones that suit you the best! 

And now, coming to the metal for your jewelry. You can select it depending on your lifestyle, budget, and overall preference. You have a vast number of options to choose from – gold, platinum, rose gold, white gold, etc. Your choice can further be based on other aspects of the metal like its durability, its suitability for daily wear, maintenance, and so on. 

The Final Thoughts – Protect your interests by approaching trusted jewelers only. 

Customized jewelry is created as per your choice and requirements using skilled manual labor. You choose the style, setting, metal, and gemstone of the jewelry. All this makes buying customized jewelry a heavy investment – it involves finance as well as emotions. Therefore, you need to ensure to get your customized jewelry from only those jewelers who are well-known in the industry and trustworthy. 

You should get your paper formalities done with the jeweler that mentions the weight and type of metal, gemstone, and other design details. You should enter into a refund contract with them that guarantees the right product delivered to you. After all, shouldn’t protecting your investment always be your primary concern? 

You are now all set to order your customized jewelry. Your customized jewelry will help you to stand apart and showcase your unique personality traits. All the best! 



Joseph Reoma

As the Managing Director of Elba Jewelry Design Center, my mission is to help you find your creative self in the design we make or the design you help us make for you.

Familiarizing Yourself with Customized Jewelry 

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