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Gifting a Promise Ring – The New Trend in Relationships! 

Gifting a Promise Ring – The New Trend in Relationships! 

When you make a promise to someone, you tell them what you will do in the future – MOST DEFINITELY! Promises are a vital element in any relationship. And gifting a promise ring to your partner is the new trend in relationships. It showcases love and commitment. This write-up tells you more about promise rings, the appropriate time to present them, and more.

About the Promise Ring 

Promise rings are becoming increasingly popular among couples who live together but have no immediate intentions to get married. Or they may even have no intentions to get married! The promise ring helps to showcase to the outside world that they are not just dating but committed in their relationship. For them, commitment to the relationship matters, not the legal or religious status of marriage. 

Promise rings are visually smaller in scale when compared to engagement rings. They are typically studded with tiny diamonds or semi-precious colored gemstones. Promise rings are made of less expensive metals – for example, silver, 10K gold, etc. 

Promise Ring – A Representation of the Giver’s Loyalty and Devotion to a Relationship 

When someone gifts a promise ring to their love, it represents their loyalty and devotion in their future relationship. Acceptance of the ring by the recipient implies that they too promise to reciprocate. 

A promise ring is a lovely tangible symbol of love and commitment. It can be interpreted as a pre-engagement ring too. However, many couples do not consider it as a step towards their marriage. The promise ring symbolizes the couple’s allegiance to a serious relationship. The exact promise is mutually discussed and agreed upon by them in person. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions about a Promise Ring 

Popular Gemstones Used for a Promise Ring 

Diamonds are the most popular choice for promise rings. However, other gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are also used. 

How is a Promise Ring Different from an Engagement and Couple Ring? 

You should not confuse promise rings with engagement rings. While the engagement ring conveys the couple’s agreement to marry, the promise ring is just a symbol of their serious relationship, and not necessarily an agreement to get married! 

Then there is also something called couple rings. They are also referred to as matching rings that are worn entirely for entertainment purposes. Couple rings come in trendy designs and are often made from unusual materials. They are not symbols of loyalty or devotion to a relationship. They are a less formal expression of being in a relationship. 

When to Gift a Promise Ring? 

Before you present a promise ring, you need to discuss it with your partner. Presenting a promise ring is always a pre-planned activity, it should never be gifted unexpectedly. When presenting a promise ring there should be a discussion between you and your partner to know its exact meaning and the promises being made. There is no specific day when to present the promise ring. However, the fifth day of Valentine’s Week – known as the Promise Day, and celebrated each year on 11th February, can be the ideal one. 

How to Gift a Promise Ring 

Gifting a promise ring does not call for any traditional elaborate planning of a formal proposal. You can gift the promise ring on a birthday or Valentine’s Day. You can gift it during a romantic dinner or also on your wedding anniversary day. It is all about making it a special occasion where you discuss what your relationship means and holds for you. 

Which Finger is a Promise Ring Worn? 

There is no specific finger on which to wear the promise ring! You can wear it on any finger of your choice. It is usually worn on the ring finger of either hand– often on the left hand. The promise ring often gets transferred to the right hand once the couple decides to get engaged. Further, you may even choose to suspend it from a chain as a pendant! 

Can You Wear the Promise Ring after Marriage? 

Yes, you can keep wearing your promise ring even after your marriage. You can switch it to another finger or get a customized piece of jewelry made from its components. You can even present a promise ring after marriage as a new symbol of commitment.  

The Closing Remarks 

Presenting a promise ring is a great way to show your commitment and loyalty in a relationship. It represents a couple’s dedication to their relationship which is highly personal between them. It varies from couple to couple. 

Just like there are no rules or limits when choosing your engagement or wedding ring, similarly, there are no restrictions for spending on a promise ring! It entirely depends on the metal, gemstone, style, and design you choose.



Penny J.

For the past 15 years I have been blessed to combine my love for jewelry and writing. As a jewelry stylist for Sophia Fiori, I have been blessed to travel the world, sharing my love and passion for jewelry along the way

Gifting a Promise Ring – The New Trend in Relationships! 

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