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Gifting Ideas for your Wedding Anniversary

Gifting Ideas for your Wedding Anniversary

Every wedding anniversary is special. And every anniversary is a milestone too! Wedding anniversaries are a reflection of your growing together. You look forward to the future in your quest to connect as a couple.

You need to ensure your wedding anniversary is a memorable one. Men have always been poor at gifting to their wives, especially on anniversaries! It is therefore important for you to change this trend and explore the best gifts for your wife – each wedding anniversary year! 

The love and bond you share, grow over the years. When you think of the perfect gift, gifting gemstone jewelry can be the best option. When gifting, you should also know the anniversary count and the gift associated with it! This write-up delves into wedding anniversary gift ideas – right from your first anniversary to the thirtieth!

Wedding Anniversary is an Occasion to Celebrate 

Each wedding anniversary is special. And each landmark year is unique and needs to be celebrated in style. Milestone wedding anniversaries include the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and more. 

A wedding anniversary celebration has been a tradition for ages. Today, anniversaries are a celebration of love and commitment. 

A relationship is never complete without a touch of romance, and your anniversary is that perfect excuse! You look back on the happy memories created making it the perfect occasion to grow as a couple. 

There are wedding anniversary stones for each year of marriage. Shown below are those gemstone and metal jewelry that can be the perfect gift for your wife. 

First Wedding Anniversary – Gold

You have been together for just one year as a couple! There is no better option than gold as a gifting option this year. It reflects your bondage and the memories you have shared over the year. You also have plenty of options in gold – there is white gold, rose gold, and so on. Women these days are fond of rose gold designs. It could be a ring, pendant, or earring.   

Fifth Wedding Anniversary – Sapphire

Isn’t it amazing when you look back and discover it’s been five years of your marriage! How time flies, you may wonder! Having been together for five years means you now know each other well! You get aware of your spouse’s styles, preferences, and tastes. The best anniversary gift on this occasion is any sapphire jewelry piece. After all, sapphire stands for the truth and loyalty. That’s what five years of togetherness means.   

Tenth Wedding Anniversary – Diamond

Being together for ten years is a significant milestone. It is no small achievement. It calls for a big celebration. When years add up, the anniversary gift too should be something extravagant. And diamond jewelry is the perfect one for your other half. Since ancient times diamonds are considered to be symbols of love and commitment. And that’s what you have been as a couple. You can consider gifting the eternity ring, pendant, or earrings studded with diamonds.   

Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary – Ruby 

Being committed in marriage for fifteen long years is something to be cherished about. On this occasion, a piece of jewelry studded with ruby gemstone can be an ideal gift for your wife. The ruby gemstone epitomizes passion and love. It makes the perfect gem to celebrate your fifteenth wedding anniversary. 

Twentieth Wedding Anniversary – Emerald

Twenty years of marriage is a long time and a huge achievement. On this occasion, gifting emerald jewelry can be your best gifting option. Emerald – the classic, elegant stone will make your twentieth wedding anniversary extra special. The green color of the emerald is bound to add a touch of ever-green romance to your bond!    

  • Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary – Silver 

Twenty-five years of marriage and still going strong is like a dream. The quarter of a century celebration involves silver jewelry. Yes, it is your silver jubilee. No better option than gifting something in silver on this occasion. You can consider platinum jewelry that has a silvery touch and surprise her. It could be an eternity band or a bracelet. 

Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary – Pearl

Your thirtieth anniversary is an opportunity to upgrade! The pearl jewelry piece you gifted for your third anniversary can be upgraded! Or still better, go for something completely different! Pearls stand for lasting union and beauty. Surprise her with more pearls. Beautiful pearl earrings or pendants will bring more joy and glow to her. 

Closing Comments!

Gifts given with a pure heart are always appreciated! We have discussed plenty of wedding anniversary gift ideas, especially jewelry. It is now up to you to choose and gift the right one to your wife. Her appreciation and cherishing can mean a lot to you! 

It is always recommended that you explore and shop at a jewelry store where each piece of jewelry is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.



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Gifting Ideas for your Wedding Anniversary

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