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Guide to Cleaning Gemstone Jewelry

Guide to Cleaning Gemstone Jewelry

People value and adore their jewelry. However, gemstone jewelry is more vulnerable to getting damaged or losing its glow if not cared for properly. You need to clean gemstone jewelry periodically to maintain its sheen and longevity.

You must take utmost care when cleaning your gemstone jewelry. There are various techniques to clean gemstone jewelry that helps you to avert any risk of breaking or damaging the gemstones studded in them. This write-up discusses the basics of cleaning gemstone jewelry, and also specific gemstones. 

The Basics of Cleaning and Maintaining Gemstone Jewelry

Your gemstone jewelry comprises wonderful pieces that enhance your looks! Cleaning your gemstone jewelry regularly helps to maintain its beauty and longevity. Therefore, you need to follow some of the cleaning tips given below. 

Using Dish Detergent and Water 

Add a few drops of ordinary dish detergent to a bowl of water. Place your gemstone jewelry in this bowl and wipe them with a soft cloth. In case you see dust or soap has accumulated over the jewelry, you can remove it by taking an old soft toothbrush and scrubbing the gemstone gently. Finally, rinse and dry the jewelry with a soft cloth. 

Keeping Organic Gemstones Scratch-Free 

Generally speaking, organic gemstones are quite sensitive and not scratch-resistant. Organic gems like pearls, amber, and coral are porous and need special care. You should avoid exposing them to chemicals that are usually found in hair products, fragrances, and other cosmetics. You should keep organic gemstone jewelry in a cloth-lined box or pouch. They should be kept away from other jewelry that might scratch them. Simply wiping with a clean soft cloth is the best way to maintain their luster. 

Protecting Gemstone Jewelry from Physical Damage 

You need to remove your gemstone rings and jewelry before doing any vigorous exercise or work. Many gem varieties are prone to get damaged with a sharp blow, so protect them well. Avoid pulling off your rings when removing them. Though it won’t damage the gem, chances are the metal that holds it could get stretched over time. Taking due precautions can keep your gemstone jewelry looking brilliant always! 

Tips to Bear in Mind When Cleaning Gemstone Jewelry

We have just seen in the previous section how to clean and maintain your gemstone jewelry and keep it glittering for a lifetime. However, there are a few precautions you need to take when cleaning your jewelry. 

It is always preferable to use a soft microfiber cloth when wiping and cleaning your gemstone jewelry from dirt and dust. 

It is advisable to use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner for deep cleaning. Alternatively, you may use warm water and add a few drops of mild dish detergent. 

Guide to Cleaning Specific Gemstone Jewelry

Each gemstone is unique. The distinct characteristics of each gemstone require specific treatment cleaning. While most gemstones can be cleaned using the basic procedure outlined earlier, others may require a different approach to cleaning. Let us discuss the cleaning and maintaining of such gemstones. 


For cleaning aquamarine jewelry, you may follow the basic gemstone cleaning recommendations discussed. However, you need to avoid excessive temperatures when cleaning your aquamarine jewelry. 


For Amber jewelry, you can follow the basic gemstone jewelry cleaning procedures discussed earlier to keep them glittering. But a word of caution, do not use any cleaning solution. Also, you must avoid steam cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and keep them away from temperature fluctuations. Avoid exposure to chemicals, cosmetics, perfume, and hairsprays. 


Apart from following the basic cleaning procedures used for other gemstone jewelry, you need to take care of not exposing them to water. Keep them dry always. Avoid steam cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and stay away from extreme temperature changes. Avoid exposing them to chemicals, cosmetics, perfume, and hairsprays. 


For Coral jewelry too, the same basic cleaning procedures apply as discussed before. However, you need to avoid the use of cleaning solutions. Further, you should also avoid steam cleaning, exposing them to high temperatures, chemicals, cosmetics, perfume, and hairsprays. 


For Diamond jewelry too, the basic cleaning procedures can be applied to keep them looking new, fresh, and gleaming! An ultrasonic treatment will not harm diamonds but, it could damage the metal in which they are set. So take precautions accordingly. 


The basic cleaning procedures are enough to keep Morganite jewelry gleaming for years! However, when wearing, avoid bringing them in contact with your make-up. 


For Opal jewelry too, following the basic cleaning procedures will take care of them. You must avoid immersion, steam cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. Do not expose them to unexpected temperature fluctuations, chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, and hairsprays.  


Basic gemstone jewelry cleaning guidelines are enough to keep your Tourmaline jewelry pieces in great shape. But you must avoid steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. Do not expose them to drastic temperature fluctuations. 


Pearls are delicate and have a typical shine! Pearl jewelry requires a little more attention. When you remove your pearl jewelry, gently wipe them with a soft cloth. You may also use a soft wet cloth dipped in a mild soap & water solution for a deeper clean. Before storing your pearl jewelry, always ensure it is totally dry after cleaning. Storing your pearl necklaces flat in a soft fabric bag can help to prevent its thread from straining.

The Final Say! 

Gemstones are your most valued belongings. And gemstone jewelry is the most valued collection that you can leave for your children and grandchildren. Taking proper care by implementing the basic cleaning procedures for gemstone jewelry will help you to maintain their luster for a lifetime, and beyond.



Penny J.

For the past 15 years I have been blessed to combine my love for jewelry and writing. As a jewelry stylist for Sophia Fiori, I have been blessed to travel the world, sharing my love and passion for jewelry along the way

Guide to Cleaning Gemstone Jewelry

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