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Know the Rarest of Rare Gems of the World!

Know the Rarest of Rare Gems of the World!

Gemstones have always been a symbol of wealth and power, but did you know that some gemstones are not only precious but also extremely rare? While diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are well-known precious gemstones, others are a thousand to a million times rarer than these beloved stones. 

These rarities are often hidden from plain sight and can be found in remote locations across the world. In this blog post, you will be introduced to the five rarest gemstones on earth – Painite, Alexandrite, Tanzanite, Red Beryl, and Black Opal, and explore what makes them so unique and valuable.

Introduction to Rare Gemstones 

Gemstones are a wonder of nature that forms over millions of years and their rarity increases their value. While diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are known as the most precious gemstones, other exceedingly rare gemstones are worth even more. 

These rare precious gems are unique in their scarcity, with some of them being found in only one mine in the world. They include Tanzanite, Red Beryl, Black Opal, Alexandrite, and Painite. Each one has its distinct features, making them truly unique and highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. 

#01. Painite: The Rarest Gemstone on Earth 

Painite is one of the rarest gemstones that exist on this planet. 

Painite is not just a rare gemstone, it is also the rarest mineral on Earth, holding the Guinness World Record for it. According to gemstone experts, the mineral is so rare that there exist only a handful of specimens in the world. 

It was only discovered in the 1950s, and for the next several decades, only two specimens of Painite existed. Today, despite the opening of two dedicated mines in Myanmar, there are fewer than a thousand Painite gemstones in the world, and most of them are not even faceted. 

#02. Alexandrite: The Color-Shifting Treasure 

Alexandrite is a fascinating gemstone that is valued for its unique color-changing ability. This gemstone is named after Tsar Alexander II and was first discovered in Russia. 

The color of alexandrite shifts from greenish-blue in daylight to reddish-purple in incandescent light, making it a truly special gemstone. According to Gem Encyclopedia, “Fine-quality Alexandrite is one of the most expensive gemstones, rivaling some of the finest diamonds”. 

With its rarity and stunning visual effect, alexandrite has become a highly collectible gemstone among jewelry enthusiasts. As one collector puts it, “Alexandrite is not just another pretty stone, it’s a treasure that you can pass onto future generations”. 

Its rarity is because its source in Russia was exhausted within a few decades of its discovery, and it is now only found in Brazil and a few other mines. 

#03. Tanzanite: Blue, Violet, and Burgundy Beauty 

Tanzanite, the blue-violet gemstone, is a precious beauty that displays unusual trichroism, giving it shades of blue, violet, and burgundy. One of the rarest gemstones in the world, it is mined from only one location in Tanzania. 

Tanzanite is believed to be 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. To make its natural color visible, it is heat-treated to remove its red-brown layer, which gives it the famous blue-violet color. Its unique features and rarity make it a valuable and high-demand jewel in the world. 

#04. Red Beryl: The Elusive Mineral Family Member 

Red Beryl, also known as bixbite, is a member of the mineral family that includes emeralds and aquamarines. However, what sets it apart is its extreme rarity. 

It is said that there are thousands of times more emeralds and aquamarines produced than bixbite. Only one out of every 150,000 Red Beryl crystals is of gem quality, making it one of the rarest gemstones in the world. 

The high-quality specimens are highly coveted by collectors and are never faceted, making those unique pieces to add to any collection. This rarest gemstone has only a few known deposits in the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah. 

Red Beryl is considered a collector’s item and one of the rarest gemstones in the world. When cut, it can fetch up to $10,000 per carat, making it a highly valuable gemstone. 

#05. Black Opal: Australia’s Rare Beauty 

Black Opal is a precious and rare gemstone that gets its name from its dark body tone. Found exclusively in Australia’s Lightning Ridge, it has unique and mesmerizing patterns of dazzling colors like the Northern Lights on a black canvas. 

Nearly all black opals are known to be mined from the Lightning Ridge in New South Wales Australia, making them incredibly rare. These fascinating and beautiful stones can fetch up to a couple of thousands per carat, making them one of the most valuable and sought-after gemstones in the world. 

Black Opals have a dark body tone against which flashes of bright green and blue play, creating an effect similar to the Aurora Borealis. 


The world of rare gems is truly fascinating and these five stones are just the tip of the iceberg. Painite, Alexandrite, Red Beryl, Black Opals, and Tanzanite are all unique in their way, offering mesmerizing colors and unparalleled beauty that’s impossible to ignore. 

These rare gems may be difficult to find and acquire but their rarity only adds to their value and allure. So whether you’re an avid collector or simply admire the beauty of these precious stones, keep exploring this captivating world of rare gems and discover something truly extraordinary. 

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Know the Rarest of Rare Gems of the World!

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Know the Rarest of Rare Gems of the World!

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