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Money-Saving Tips for buying your Engagement Ring

Money-Saving Tips for buying your Engagement Ring

Shopping for a wedding is a costly affair when compared to shopping for any other ceremony or function. The ritual of engagement comes much before your wedding and is followed diligently by most cultures and communities across the world.

Keeping a few things in mind, you can always save big money when shopping for the engagement ring. This write-up lets you know ways in which you can buy one that suits your pocket and yet is the best buy that will be liked and appreciated by one and all, especially your love to whom you will be presenting! 

Shopping for your Engagement Ring is Special 

The engagement ring is symbolic and makes a statement. Everyone cannot afford to buy the best and costliest engagement ring. It depends on your financial health and the type of employment you are in. Many times, even family support can be a deciding factor when choosing the engagement ring that you will be presenting to your fiancée. 

The Engagement Ring Holds a Special Place in your Life 

You need to choose a ring that will be cherished by your fiancée for a lifetime. It should not only surprise her pleasantly but create sweet memories forever. 

Purchasing the engagement ring is usually a costly affair. It is not always that the costliest ring will be the best and liked by all!! Your choice matters! You need to choose the engagement ring that suits the style, taste, and preferences of your fiancée. 

How to Save Money When Buying an Engagement Ring? 

It is indeed possible to save big money without sacrificing the quality of the engagement ring you intend to buy. A few smart moves and some proper planning can definitely help you do that. Let us below some of the ways to buy the best engagement ring and are still able to save substantially. 

Fix a Budget

The foremost thing you need to practice is to fix a budget that you want to spend on your engagement ring. It is a great way to find something to your liking around that budget though it can never be exact. Fixing a budget can save you from over-spending so that you have sufficient funds available for the other things. 

Always Shop at a Trustworthy Jewelry Store 

Today, several jewelry stores exist worldwide – we have both, physical as well as online stores. However, their credibility is not known by many. On most occasions, many of these jewelry stores dupe their customers by selling fake gemstones and other jewelry. You should resist the temptation of buying from unknown outlets that offer huge discounts. It is always advisable for you to shop for your engagement ring only at trustworthy jewelry outlets whose discounts are genuine. is an online jewelry store that you can trust anytime. 

Narrow your Choice on Lower Carat 

You do not need a big gemstone studded in an engagement ring. For example, you can opt for a 0.90-carat diamond instead of a 1.25-carat, look-wise both are similar. Further, the weight of the ring also does not reflect the beauty or value of an engagement ring! Therefore, it is always sensible to opt for lesser carat rings. This helps in keeping down the overall price of the engagement ring you plan to buy and stick to your budget. 

Opt for Halo Settings 

The setting and style of the engagement ring you choose is also a factor that determines its price. Some settings are more expensive than others. Therefore, you should choose a setting that is comparatively lower in cost. One of the popular settings that also fit most people’s budgets is the halo setting. It is known to give an illusion of holding bigger diamonds.   

Opt for Colored Gemstones 

Colorless diamonds are more costly than colored ones. Opting for colored ones can certainly help you to save some money. 

Opt for Gold over Platinum 

Platinum metal is a rarity and of higher density when compared to gold. And that is the reason why platinum is more costlier than gold. Preferring gold over platinum can help you to keep the cost of your engagement ring down substantially. You can always choose white gold that is stunning to look at! 

Opt for Lower Clarity Gemstones

If you have decided to go for a diamond engagement ring, most would go for the one where the diamond is free of inclusions, blemishes, or scratches. But when you opt for such a diamond ring, its price too would be drastically high. Also, it should be noted that having inclusions does not degrade a diamond’s overall effect or quality. Therefore, you can always choose a ring having a lower clarity diamond. It helps to keep down the cost of your engagement ring.  

The Closing Remarks

The fixing of your budget along with opting for the appropriate metal, gemstone, and setting can indeed keep the cost of your engagement ring within your budget. 

Further, you need to be wary of jewelry stores that are around to make a quick buck by offering you fake jewelry pieces luring you with discounts and offers. It is always important for you to make an informed decision after doing extensive research about various brands and knowing their credibility.



Penny J.

For the past 15 years I have been blessed to combine my love for jewelry and writing. As a jewelry stylist for Sophia Fiori, I have been blessed to travel the world, sharing my love and passion for jewelry along the way

Money-Saving Tips for buying your Engagement Ring

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