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Popular Bracelets that Enhance Your Beauty

Popular Bracelets that Enhance Your Beauty

Most times wearing that million-dollar dress fails to showcase its full potential. It is often the appropriate jewelry that helps to bring out the best in improving your natural beauty!

The choice of the jewelry that you wear can determine how you will look. It can make you look slimmer or it can even make you look pale. That’s the specialty of jewelry! This article delves into the various types of bracelets that can help you to enhance your beauty.  

Bracelet – A Jewelry Worn Around the Wrist 

Bracelets are one of the most fashionable accessories and part of modern-day jewelry. Bracelets are worn as an ornament around the wrist. There is no better way to accentuate your style than the bracelets. 

Bracelets are worn around the wrists and add a touch of grace to your personality. There are numerous kinds of bracelets and you need to figure out the perfect one that suits you. 

The Ever-Growing Popularity of Bracelets 

Since ancient times, bracelets have decorated and magnified our wrists. All along, we have seen the emergence of newer styles.  Bracelets help to create a feeling of elegance and class. 

Quick and easy to wear, bracelets add flair to your outfit. Further, they can be worn for any occasion. No wonder, the popularity of bracelets has always been on the rise. Listed below are the different types of popular bracelets that you can choose from.  

Cuff Bracelets 

The Cuff bracelets are like a cuff, meaning they are C-shaped. They do not close around your wrist but have an opening on the back. They come in several metals – Gold, Silver, etc. 

Cuff bracelets are easy to wear as they do not have a clasp. Wearing wider cuffs exhibits a bold and confident personality! Wearing thinner Cuff Bracelets can be perfect to support you in your routines.  

Tennis Bracelet 

The Tennis bracelet is a delicate-looking bracelet that earned its name from a tennis player. Though it does not have diamonds or jewels on it, the tennis bracelet is a perfect blend of versatility and elegance. It gives a classic touch to the wearer! 

Pearl Bracelet 

Pearl bracelets are incredibly beautiful! They are preferred and mainly worn by females. They are made of numerous pearls in a nice circle that fits snugly on the wrist. It helps to add a touch of elegance to the wearer’s outfit. Every girl would love to own a pearl bracelet in their collection.  

Chain Bracelet 

The Chain bracelet is like a simple chain in appearance. It generally comes in gold and silver. If you are bent on giving yourself a polished outlook, you should opt for the Chain bracelet.  

Charm Bracelets  

The Charm bracelet reflects your personality! It is among one of the popular kinds of bracelets. You have options to choose from meaningful charm, inspirational charm, and social memory charm. The addition of customized charms makes the Charm bracelets extra special and unique.  

Wrap Bracelets  

The Wrap bracelet is a single bracelet but gives the appearance of wearing multiple layers of it when worn. If you are keen to wear a stack of bracelets, the Wrap bracelet is the one for you.  

Beaded Bracelets 

Beaded bracelets comprise different beads that impart a versatile look. They are generally made of sterling silver or from several types of gemstones. You can style them in different ways as per your tastes.  

Bangle Bracelets  

Bangle bracelets are more popular among girls. They are made from multiple metals and come in several textures. If you prefer an elongated look, you can have diamonds or gemstones embedded in the Bangle bracelets.  

Slider Bracelets  

Slide bracelets are easy to wear and comfortable too though not many know about them. Slide bracelets are available in chic, classic, and boho designs.  

Affirmation Bracelets  

Affirmation bracelets hold a message for the wearer. Though not exactly bracelets, they are made to look like them with a message engraved. Usually, messages included are positive or inspiring words, quotes, etc.  

The Closing Remarks  

Whether for self or gifting it to someone, a bracelet always adds a dash of style to the wrist. However, you need to choose a bracelet that fits your style. When buying a bracelet size and style matter indeed! 

Having a variety of bracelets at your disposal can be like a dream come true. Having seen the different kinds of bracelets discussed above, you are hopefully in a position to choose the right one for you that suits your style and personality. 



Joseph Reoma

As the Managing Director of Elba Jewelry Design Center, my mission is to help you find your creative self in the design we make or the design you help us make for you.

Popular Bracelets that Enhance Your Beauty

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