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Reasons to Choose Blue Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Reasons to Choose Blue Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

The most important elements in any relationship are trust and faith. Blue diamonds help in protecting against misunderstandings and unwanted fights in a relationships. They are a representation of trust and faith, and the most ideal stone for your engagement ring. This write-up helps you understand why choosing a blue diamond for your engagement ring is an appropriate decision. 

About Blue Diamonds

The generic name for diamonds having intense color is known as fancy color diamonds. And blue diamonds that have a blue hue are categorized under fancy color diamonds. 

Did you know? Captivating and enigmatic, blue diamonds are known to be the rarest of all the natural diamonds mined. Consider this, for every 10,000 natural diamonds mined, only one possesses the brilliance of a blue diamond. 

Blue diamonds have a superior ability to refract light that makes them sparkle more than blue sapphires. Blue diamonds that are found in nature are indeed real. 

Blue Diamonds are Indeed Real

When tiny invincible particles of the boron element enter into the diamond crystal during its formation deep in the earth helps to turn it into blue. That’s how we have natural blue-colored diamonds, and they are indeed real. 

Natural blue diamonds are among the rarest gemstones. There is an increasing demand for blue diamonds among collectors. This has made their price soar to dizzy heights over the past few years. In the section ahead, we will explore the reasons why blue diamonds are the most favored gemstones for your engagement ring. 

Why Choose Blue Diamond for your Engagement Ring?

Blue diamonds are valuable, and they are prestigious to own. Blue diamonds are durable and scratch-free, and they have an eye-catching brilliance. Let us list out the reasons why blue diamonds are the most preferred gemstones for your engagement ring. 

Durable and Scratch-Resistant

Blue diamond rings are perfect for daily wear. Being durable and hard, they are also scratch-resistant. The blue diamond is an excellent choice as a centerpiece stone for your engagement ring. 


Blue diamonds are a symbol of faithfulness and loyalty. They represent sincerity. And all these characteristics are the ideal ones needed in a relationship. 

Unique and Stands Out

It is a prestige to own a blue diamond engagement ring. Blue diamonds are valuable. They stand out. You will not come across many engagement rings that contain blue diamonds – natural or manmade. It makes them a great choice to showcase a unique lifestyle! 

Popular Blue Diamond Jewelry

Apart from engagement rings, some of the other highly popular choices for blue diamond jewelry include earrings and necklaces. However, the rarity of a blue diamond has made these jewelry options quite pricey. One of the popular blue diamonds that is known is the Blue Moon Diamond. It is a large gemstone weighing twelve carats of flawless blue. 

Closing Observations

Until recently, clear diamonds were more sought-after for engagement rings, and even for wedding bands. However, the trend is changing today. There is a growing demand for colored diamonds, especially blue diamonds. It is increasing in popularity, especially for newly engaged couples. Recollect the movie Titanic in which blue was one of the most popular color diamonds displayed. Go ahead and choose the blue diamond engagement ring for your love. It means a commitment for a lifetime! All the best. . . . 



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Reasons to Choose Blue Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

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