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The Diamond Club Auction Process

The Diamond Club Auction Process

The Diamond Club is the best way to get great deals on jewelry, free giveaways, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news. By joining the Diamond Club, you will have access to exclusive discounts & auctions, be the first to know about new product releases, and receive special invitations to events. Also, it is a great way to interact with jewelry experts, meet other jewelry lovers and have fun!

Joining the Diamond Club is easy, beneficial, and fun too! 

Joining the Jewelry Diamond Club is free and easy. You can join the club by simply signing up for an account on Facebook. Then you simply click the request to join button. If you still need to become a member, Click Here to become one. 

Our team of experts is always available to answer your questions and help you find the perfect piece of jewelry. But that’s not all – you also get a coupon worth hundreds of dollars that you can redeem at our select Luxury Jewelry Network shopping shows. With this coupon, you can save even more on the already discounted prices of top-brand jewelry. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Diamond Club today and start saving on the best luxury jewelry around. 

How to bid in our auctions

Our auctions offer fun deals on unique jewelry pieces. If you love a jewelry piece that’s been posted on our page, it’s easy to kick off the bidding:

  1. Note the Start Bid of the jewelry piece mentioned in the post caption. It is the minimum price set by the auctioneer.
    If the Start Bid is $50, you can start with it and enter the auction by commenting “$50” on the post.
  1. Note the Increment Price displayed in the caption. This will be the amount that each bid must go up by. 
    For example, if the Start Bid is set at $50 and the Increment Price is $5, someone else will outbid you by commenting “$55” 
  1. Next, you will have to keep monitoring the comment section to see if anyone else enters a bid more than your $50. 
  1. If someone else does bid, you can keep the auction going by adding the Increment Price to the amount entered and commenting that on the post.
    (PRO TIP: It is highly recommended to keep the Post Notification setting of your Facebook account ON to stay updated about the latest bid entered.) 
  1. Take note of the specified Auction End time when no more bids can be entered & celebrate winning an awesome new piece of jewelry! 

One thing to keep in mind: No sniping allowed! 

Sniping is when someone waits until the last few seconds of an auction to place their bid to win the item for a lower price. Auctions are supposed to be a fun and engaging way to get people excited about potential purchases. But when Sniping becomes a factor, it takes away from the overall experience. When a bid is entered right before an auction is supposed to end, FIVE more minutes are added to the timer. Make sure to keep watching the auction to ensure that you’re ready to keep bidding! 

The Final Step to get the Jewelry Piece you won at the Diamond Club Auction. 

  • Text “DC AUCTION WINNER” to our jewelry specialists at 909.288.4422 to receive your payment link.
    (NOTE: You must complete payment within 48 hours of receiving the link) 
  • Complete the payment link sent to you.
    – No credit card handling charges.
    – All USA Diamond Club orders will be charged $10 for shipping.

Just won a stunning piece at a fantastic price? It’s celebration time! 

An auction is a great place to find amazing deals on jewelry. You should celebrate your success if you are lucky enough to win a piece of jewelry at the Diamond Club auction! 

  • Take a moment to appreciate your good fortune. You were able to snag a fantastic piece of jewelry at a great price – that’s something to be excited about! 
  • Show off your new jewelry to your friends and family. Let them know that you were able to get such a great deal on such a beautiful piece. Post a picture on your social media and tag us @TrustMyJeweler.



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The Diamond Club Auction Process

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We are so confident that you will love your jewelry that we offer a 30-day return policy on all our products. If you don’t love your jewelry, simply return it for an exchange or refund of the full purchase price.

Email us at or call us from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST, Monday to Friday at 1.888.99.34674 for any questions about this process.

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