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The Top Five Gemstones for Jewelry 

The Top Five Gemstones for Jewelry 

Gemstones are one of the oldest materials used in jewelry. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some gemstones are hard, while others are soft. Some gemstones have unique properties, such as attracting attention or guarding against lousy fortune. When it comes to choosing the right gemstone for jewelry, there are many options. This article looks at the top five gemstones for jewelry.


Diamonds are perhaps the most commonly used gemstone for jewelry and for a good reason. They are durable, beautiful, and incredibly sparkly. They come in various colors, and their prices also continue to rise! 

Diamonds have a long history of being associated with love and marriage, purity and perfection.  

Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral on Earth, making them highly durable. Due to its high refractive index and the shape it is cut into; it produces an incredible brilliance. Because it takes Mother Nature millions of years actually to create a diamond and the cost of actually getting a diamond out of the ground, diamonds are costly. Consequently, diamonds have been seen as a sign of wealth and status. 

Diamonds are mined worldwide, but most diamonds come from South Africa. Other top producers are Russia, Canada, and Australia.  


Ruby is a gemstone that has been prized for centuries for its beauty and durability. It is often used in jewelry because of its vibrant color and high quality. Ruby gemstones can withstand much wear and tear, perfect for rings, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces. 

The best rubies come from Burma (Myanmar), while other places where they are found are Thailand, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Jewelers love rubies because of their beautiful red color. In addition to their beauty, rubies are also rare and valuable. Rubies can command the highest price of any colored gemstone. It is a variety of the mineral corundum.  

Ruby is one of the most popular gems for engagement rings and other types of jewelry.  


Sapphires come in all colors of the rainbow except red, which is a ruby. Blue sapphire is probably the most popular of all the colors. The popularity of blue sapphires is traced back to ancient times when they were used predominately by royalty, consequently the term “Royal Blue.” The most valuable sapphire is a brilliant rich blue color called “Cornflower Blue”, originally from Kashmir in northern India. 

Sapphires are part of the corundum family, along with rubies. While other colors of sapphire may not be as valuable as the deep blue variety, they can still be quite pricey. 


Emeralds are one of the most prized gemstones globally, second only to diamonds. They are rare, and their color is stunning. Emeralds come from a few different places, but the best quality emeralds come from Columbia. The color of an emerald is due to the presence of chromium. 

Emerald is a beautiful, versatile gemstone that comes in various green shades. It is the birthstone for May and the anniversary gemstone for 20th and 35th anniversaries. 

Emeralds need to be taken care of as each emerald has something called a “Jardin” in it, which is an inclusion. If an emerald does NOT have a “Jardin,” then it probably is not a real emerald. Emerald is that deep, lush, fresh green color which is why Ireland is the “Emerald Isle” and Seattle is the “Emerald City,” 


Pearls are one of the top gemstones for jewelry. They are unique, being the only organic gemstones – meaning living creatures create them. Pearls have a natural beauty and luster unmatched by other gemstones. 

Pearls are considered a classic piece of jewelry and can worn with a variety of outfits giving the look of elegance. Further, pearls are relatively affordable compared to other gemstones, making them popular for everyday jewelry. 

Pearls come in various colors and shapes, making them versatile for use in both classic and modern jewelry designs.  

Pearls should be the last thing put on (after your make-up, spraying your hair or perfume) and the first thing taken off. Then use a soft, damp cloth and go over each pearl, wiping off any dirt or dust that has accumulated on the pearls while wearing them. It will help preserve your lovely investment. 

The Closing Words 

The top five gemstones for jewelry, as discussed above, are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls. Each gemstone has unique properties that make it a popular choice for jewelry. Whether you are looking for a ring, necklace, or bracelet, these stones will make a statement. If you are looking for a beautiful and durable piece of jewelry, consider one of these gemstones.



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The Top Five Gemstones for Jewelry 

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