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Tips to Buy a Genuine Gemstone

Tips to Buy a Genuine Gemstone

Are you planning to buy colorful gemstone or gemstone jewelry? It is of utmost importance for you to make an informed decision before buying one. You need to carry out a thorough research before making your purchase.

The amazing thing about gemstone jewelry is that it keeps every time and never remains constant. All are aware of the famous saying, “All that glitters is not gold”. Similarly, in line with that, promises made by various jewelry stores should not be taken at face value. 

The addition of the brilliance of colorful gemstones in jewelry makes it highly desirable. Today, there are more colorful gemstones in the market than ever before, thanks to the advancements in technology. This write-up helps you in the evaluation of gemstones and know they are indeed authentic. 

A Brief about Gemstones 

Simply put, a gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal. It is interchangeably referred to as a jewel, precious stone, or semi-precious stone. Cut and polished gemstones are used to make jewelry and other adornments. 

Each gemstone is different from the other. Their cut, shape, and weight determine their value. You should note that the higher the clarity grade of a gemstone, the higher is its value. Also, any inclusions in a gemstone do not interfere with its sparkle and brilliance. 

While most gemstones are hard, some are soft or fragile. The softer fragile gemstone jewelry is often exhibited in museums or sought by accumulators.

Gemstones are generally classified into two – precious and semi-precious. Precious gemstones are beautiful, durable, and rare. Precious gemstones include diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. All other gemstones are grouped under semi-precious. 

Then, there is something called synthetic gemstone too! They are also referred to as lab-created gemstones. These gemstones are created in laboratories by humans using machines. And surprisingly, synthetic gemstones are also chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural gemstones! 

Synthetic gemstones do not have the rarity of natural gemstones and are less valuable. Therefore you need to get it certified from a reputed jewelry store or detected by an expert gemologist. 

How to Check the Credibility of a Gemstone?  

Gemstones are highly sought after across the world, and most times for their astrological benefits and beautifying effects. However, people though fond of gemstones and gemstone jewelry, lack the knowledge of buying authentic and genuine ones. 

The high market demand for precious gemstones often leads people to be duped into buying one. The criteria to pick an authentic gemstone remains the same for all. Listed below are some of the typical characteristics of a gemstone that help you to identify the genuine one.   

Color of the Gemstone 

Gemstones are available in a stunning variety of shades and colors. When in a rough state, most gemstones look like ordinary rocks or pebbles. Their full color and luster are only seen after they are skillfully cut and polished. 

Generally, the most preferred gemstones are the ones that have clear, intense, medium-tone, and saturated primary colors. To figure out the exact color, you need to look at its hue, tone, and saturation. Hue refers to the color, tone refers to light or dark shade, and saturation refers to its richness. 

Cut of the Gemstone 

The sparkle, brilliance, and color of a gemstone all depend on the way it is cut. A gemstone that is free of scratches and is well-polished and has a smooth surface, means it is a well-cut stone. 

There are two types of gem cuts, cabochon and faceted. The cabochon cut has a smooth rounded top and a flat base. They are prominently used for opaque or softer gemstones. The faceted cut has many flat cut surfaces and its overall shape can be round, oval, square, etc. It is only possible for the harder gemstones to be successfully faceted. The step and princess cut are some of the most preferred cuts by people. 

Clarity of the Gemstone 

It is natural for precious gemstones to show traces of other minerals as they are mined from below the Earth’s surface. Such mineral traces are called inclusions. They can be in the form of small spots or imperfections within the stone. 

Observing them under a microscope gives exact information about their origin. Inclusions help to identify gemstones. It even helps to prove whether it is natural or synthetic. For example, emeralds are more likely to have inclusions, while aquamarine or topaz usually has fewer inclusions or even none. 

Clarity thus becomes an important factor while selecting the gemstone. Clarity refers to any inclusions on top of the gemstone such as bubbles, fractures, etc. When buying a gemstone, you must consider a gemstone that is devoid of major inclusions.   

Size of the Gemstone 

The weight of any gemstone is measured in carats. You should be aware that 5 carats equal 1 gram. Further, some gemstones have a greater density compared to others. One-carat ruby that is very dense will appear smaller in size than a one-carat emerald that is lesser in density. Therefore, gemstones even if similar in size may differ significantly in value. 

Treatments the Gemstone goes through 

Gemstones undergo various treatments at the hands of jewelers which is quite normal. It is done to enhance the appearance of particular gemstones. 

You shouldn’t take these treatments otherwise. Treating gemstones help to improve their color and clarity. It often involves heat or delicate chemical processes. And depending on the type of processing and treatment carried out on a gemstone, it affects its value. 

The Closing Thoughts 

The high demand for precious stones and the many jewelry stores around can leave people confused. Many people often get duped into buying fake gemstone jewelry. The above discussion can certainly help you to buy an authentic gemstone. 

However, if you are unsure about its quality, you must always get it checked by an expert gemologist before buying. And if you want to save on time, it is always preferable for you to buy your jewelry from a reputed jewelry store.



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Tips to Buy a Genuine Gemstone

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