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Top Picks from Elba’s Penelope Collection: Timeless Elegance

Step into a world of enduring elegance with Elba Jewelry Design Center’s Penelope Collection. It’s not just jewelry; it’s a story, a tradition, and a promise that lasts for generations. The Penelope design, a masterful creation, surrounds a hand-selected center diamond with a graceful halo, while delicate accent diamonds add to the allure. These are more than pieces; they are heirlooms that encapsulate cherished moments and stand as gifts for the ages. As Master Designer – Bernard Bachoura so aptly says, “The joy of the Penelope collection will flourish with love over time and last for generations”. Come, explore the timeless beauty of Penelope, where elegance meets eternity. 

#01. Radiant Pink Sapphire Ring: Penelope Collection’s Newest Star Attraction

Behold the epitome of regal elegance: the SF Signature Penelope Collection Majestic Pink Sapphire Ring. Crafted from lustrous 14K rose gold, this exquisite ring captures the essence of sophistication and beauty. Its centerpiece, a magnificent 1.50-carat round-shaped majestic Pink Sapphire, exudes a rich and captivating hue. It’s further enhanced by a halo of sparkling round-shaped white diamonds, totaling 1.20 carats that gracefully adorn the band. The Penelope Collection’s commitment to timeless elegance and enduring style is brilliantly showcased in this majestic masterpiece. It’s a ring that transcends time and defines true opulence. 

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#02. Radiant Blue Diamond Pendant: Penelope’s Signature Collection in White Gold

Elegant SF Signature Penelope Collection Blue Diamond Pendants in 14K White Gold showcase a mesmerizing center round-shaped blue diamond, weighing 0.40 carats, surrounded by a delicate halo of round-shaped white diamonds totaling 0.39 carats. These pendants embody timeless beauty and are a radiant addition to any jewelry collection. The Penelope Collection, a symbol of love and tradition, offers you the chance to wear sophistication and elegance every day. 

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#03. Radiant Elegance: SF Cleopatra Collection Cognac Diamond Earrings in 14K Rose Gold

Elevate your style with these SF Signature Cleopatra Collection fashionable Cognac Diamond Earrings. Crafted in exquisite 14K Rose Gold, these earrings feature a captivating center Round Shaped Fashionable Cognac Diamond weighing 1.26 carats. Surrounding this exquisite centerpiece, you’ll find the shimmering brilliance of Round White Diamonds, totaling 0.90 carats. Additional Round White Diamonds adorn the earrings, adding a touch of glamour with a combined weight of 0.11 carats. This is more than jewelry; it’s a statement of sophistication and opulence. Discover timeless elegance with Elba Jewelry Design Center. 

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#04. Radiant White Diamonds: A Ring of Timeless Elegance Awaits

Dive into the world of dazzling elegance with this stunning White Diamond Ring from the Penelope Collection. Crafted in lustrous 14K white gold, this exquisite ring features a magnificent round-shaped white diamond at its center, weighing 0.73 carats. It is gracefully encircled by a halo of round-shaped white diamonds, totaling 0.84 carats. The ring’s design exudes timeless beauty and sophisticated charm, making it an ideal choice for engagements, anniversaries, or any special occasion. With its enchanting allure, this ring will become a treasured heirloom, symbolizing enduring love and everlasting commitment. 

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Discover Timeless Elegance at Elba Jewelry Design Center!

In conclusion, the Penelope Collection from Elba’s Jewelry offers a breathtaking array of timeless elegance. From delicate necklaces to stunning earrings, each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and exudes a sense of sophistication that will never go out of style. The collection seamlessly blends classic designs with modern twists, making it perfect for any occasion, whether it be a formal event or a casual outing. With its exquisite craftsmanship and enduring beauty, the Penelope Collection is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their jewelry collection. So why wait? Indulge in the allure of these exquisite pieces and embrace the timeless elegance that Elba Jewelry Design Center in San Dimas has to offer. 


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